Friday, July 28, 2017

Nova Countdown - One Month to go

Alriiiiightieeee ... Well it's the final countdown now .. One month to go, .. yikes. Well, I figured it was now a good time to post a group line up.. as the army as a whole is done! Some touch ups yes but done haha... 
 Don't mind the pink foam.. that will be the underlayment for the display board. I did get some of the main section painted as well 8) ..

I'm really liking the over all look and cohesion of the army. I've never painted an entire army at one sitting so it's a new one for me.. I usually jump around but for the last 6 months it's been all Raven Guard all the time!

So.. now on to the display board... or the crusher of my soul as I'm fondly starting to refer to it as.. I wanted to make a bunker for the Raven as they would be holed up and seeking to build up their strength after Isstvan.
 So this is what I'll be working on for the next month.. it's way big .. 36" x 24" and will be about 20" high. I have everything broken down and I'm painting the pieces at the moment. The pink foam boards will be trenched out in areas to run the wires for the lights. I cut the plywood that will be the base but forgot to pick up the construction adhesive I need. back to Home Depot I go ..
 The gantry pieces aren't designed completely and are just pieces from my gantry set. I have the design started and after I get it all glued together I'll get the final measurements and finish it up. There will also be some valances and battlements that I'll be cutting but again they will be the final bits.
 I was thinking about adding a gantry to connect the two pads together (again the one shown is part of the Gantry system) but sadly it blocks out the main bunker too much. I have all the focus setup to point to the center and this would break that up sadly. It's all about focus..
The main section base is now painted .. I will have to grime and rust it up but I at least have part of it based out. So... this weekend I want to get the other Landing Pad completely lit and ready plus have the frame of the display completely glued so I can start to build the pieces and attach them. I also need to measure out the sections of the back wall as they will be getting a rock fascia and I need to know how much I'll be making. It's coming together and hopefully it will all be done to the level I want!.. haha.. So much left to do!

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