Thursday, August 3, 2017

The long road..

 More work on the display board..  I finished up all of the soldering so I could start to layout the pieces and trench out the foam. I'll be using the trenches to run all the wiring for the lighting. I ran all of the main sections of the trenches and tested the main road lights. I also tested the some of the main bunker sections but since everything isn't in place .
 Here's a look at the spaghetti mess of testing haha.. when it's all said and done the wire and controllers will be installed in the side bunkers.
 I also cut the rear holes for access, next will be the side trenches for the landing platform wires. I've gotten a good start on painting the bunker sections though I still need to do some weathering on some of the parts.
 There are two sets of triple lights on the main door and inner door sections (not visible here). I'll be placing these covers on the lights to diffuse them and make them look more like lights and less like beams of horribly blinding light haha.. LEDs are bring man!

 I also tested the door lights and they are working but the connections are causing some issues I was worried might pop up but I have a few ideas to hopefully fix them. These are 5mm LEDs opposed to the 3mm I'm using on the other areas .. I wanted it to look larger since it's the main large door.
I'm pretty happy with everything so far.. after the rest of the trenches are done I'll paint the foam and start to permanently mount the pieces.

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