Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A long and unremembered dream was his...

 Well... it's been so long but the painting table is now officially empty .. Monday night I finished up the last of the touch ups I wanted to work on.
 The Proteus is complete.. it's definitely the quickest model I built for the RG haha.. I think it was 2 days of total work .. building and painting.. It was rushed on some areas but overall I think it looks pretty decent 8)
 The only list I put it in was the Big Blam so that is all the table time Ithink it will see. Unless I tweak a list but right now I'm printing them and damn ... all the copies my take a whole ream. sheeeesh.
 The guns are magnetized ... so it's not glued on limp haha.. makes it easier and safer for travel.. plus can be removed if it get's blown off.

The army is packed up and about to be loaded into the car.. the display is already in there chilling .. I'll be on my way to Nova around 6 tonight and hoping to arrive around 7 ish depending on traffic ..  makes it a ton easier to unload the day before .. the day of is always crazy with everyone coming in! Plus I'll get to BS on a smaller scale..  I doubt I'll go to the GW thing tonight. Easier to just get everything into the room and setup.

If you are going and see me hit me up... I'll be rocking my BMD shirt and probably be wearing an Overwatch hat..  so be safe and see everyone there!

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