Friday, August 11, 2017

Talk to the union rep...

 Over the past week I've gotten more of the Displayboard aka my trial o torture finished up. The lights are now completely run and wired and all I need to do is get the final programming done. Thankfully Scott is working on that 8) .. for one that's not my bag and two I still have a ton to get painted and done. The landing pad is still cycling but the door lights and runners need to be finished up.

Here's another Video <<<< Click Here

 The Gantry and tie in piece is almost completely finished up but now I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I was going to go with a rock look on the back and side walls but with everything in place the working area is tight and would be insane to work on .. I started cutting and measuring some rock molds I made and I wasn't feeling good about it. Last night I put some deep thought into it and I have a new plan but it's going to require some reworking. Or at least more designing.. I've still got some time so I think I should be solid, this weekend it will be a trip to the Art Store for some of the stuff I think I'm going to need.
 I had the main top deck figured out but with the changes it may have to change.
Sadly I mis cut the battlement section so I have to recut it so I can attach the top cover around the rim.
I also got most of the brass one the Knight.. I'm going to work on his arm and chain sword. I want to get all the blended areas done so I can start to put him together and start the weathering. I'd rather have him together for that part so I know where the grime is going to build up more. A little less then three weeks to go now. Hopefully I can have the Knight done by this weekend or early next week so I can than put a ton of effort into wrapping up the display.

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