Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Nova Final Countdown ... 1 week to go.

 It's the final week till Nova 2017 and I have everything mostly done. There are a few bits on the display board I need to weather or touch up but I'll be working on that this weekend to finish everything up.
 I wanted to get a full army shot and also wanted to start working on how everything is going to sit on it. I have most of it figured out but there will be some final details.
 I'm really happy with it and I think it came out pretty solid.

 I'm working on some of the models that need touch ups or just things I want to add. On the Land Raider I added some more streaking to make it blend in with the rest of my army. I also adding the 19th on each side of the front.

 I also added the vehicle number 33.. on the back of the stacks.

I'm still playing around with the lights. I added some Tamiya Clear yellow to it and I'll be adding some white to the lens.

There are still a few models I'm going to touch up.. the Drop Pod.. some of the characters and I might try to finish out a Land Raider Proteus.. haha.. maybe. If I do start playing around with it .. it will only be a whatever. If it gets done cool... if not it ain't no thing.

Added two more pics.. almost forgot to add Corax to his own party! 8)

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