Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Down to the Details..

 Last night I got some solid work done on the Knight. I played around with some designs and settled on these. Kiavahr is a Forgeworld of sorts and is so tightly bound to the Raven Guard that they even keep certain designs from Mars. I figured they'd rock the RG sysmbol to represent.
 Since I was going with the RG symbol and that was going to be paint I decided to go all paint. I figured it would have a better look with it anyway. I slapped on a quick later of brass on to the edges to get a complete look. Needs another layer and then I'll blend out to a highlight of gold.
 I went with a Mechanicum design on the leg guards.
 Most of the designs are done on the main plates.. now I just need to finish up the details and start to add the weathering grime.
 I also freehanded the SoH eye on his gorget .. I think it came out pretty decent ..
 I need to finish cleaning up the scrolling and he's done.
I probably shouldn't have taken the picture on the foam ... it through the colors all off haha ...  oh well. The Knight is progressing along!

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