Monday, August 28, 2017

99 percent

 Well... it's 99.9% done .. I trimmed the tops to the right height and added boarder pieces to give it a clean look. I also didn't like the arrows I had added so I made a new overlay that removed them.. I just stayed with the Raven shapes. It adds some subtle details but nothing too overt.

The programming for the lighting is finished up. My friend Scott was determined to get the programs to run via the system clock instead of loops haha.. I was fine with the loops and would have written it up but he figured it out and now they run against the system clock.. the landing patterns, random door lights and the breathing road running lights.
Final Light Program

 Some pics ...

 I added some details to the banner hangers.. some icons on top of the mounts and added end caps to the rods.

 The landing pad doors and inner door lights are red as they are closed but they will flick over to green for a second then go back to red. The main door is reversed since it's open, staying green and flickering to red. They are all on a random cycle within a 20sec window.
 I also added the lens to the inner section of the bunker. The side doors have emergency red lights but the main door is white.

I also build a frame for the bottom of the display that mounts to the cart I use... this will slip over the cart top keeping it in place and has supports for strength so it should be completely solid.
I also got a little touch up work on the Drop Pod interior .. John this is for you ! 8)
 I added highlights and shadows to give it a nice variance.

 John was right it helped a lot .. but it is only a drop pod 8) ..
The Proteus is also almost done. It's the final bit I need to do..  right now the enamels and oils are SUPER heavy and I'm going to bring these down. No arguing guys.. they are way heavy but I applied it quick .. too quick haha... so it's a little sloppier then normal. I was applying enamel and oil at the same time without allowing any drying time which I normally don't do. So I'll be cleaning it up and finishing the gems and lens plus a little powders...  but then it will be complete and that will wrap everything up for Nova.

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