Monday, August 21, 2017


 The displayboard is nearing completion thankfully! I'll be so happy when it's 100% done haha.. I added in the Fellblade and Mor Deythan for scale as it's kind of hard to tell when it's just out in space.
 The board is big... probably a bit too big honestly but if I went smaller it wouldn't have looked right to me.. still feels cramped a bit but I couldn't make it any bigger then it already is haha..
 I added the side cladding to the walls and the Missile Launcher Bays which are finished but sadly I ran out of Aluminum paint .. I couldn't get anymore as I'll describe later 8) ..
 I also added the border plates to clean up the edges but I'm not 100% on whether I like the gold pieces I put on there. I might just paint them over with black when I paint the top edges I trimmed. I still need to trim the back wall once the cladding is glued on.
 I can't glue on the side battlements until the back wall cladding is done and attached.

 I also made these banners that will hang on the back wall. I was originally going to paint them on canvas but there is no way I'm going to have the time for all that so I just made one up in photoshop.. ordered some parchment paper and printed them.
 I also finished up the other missile launcher and the Comm Sat.
 The platform isn't glued together or finished being painted..
  A MD standing on one of the gantries..
A close up of the banner...
And here is why I couldn't get more paint .. sadly last week I somehow sprained my ankle. Only thing I can think of is I was moving servers around at work and must have tweaked it. So I've been non mobile for almost a week. It's thankfully started to get better thanks to this ankle ice thing a ma jig. It really works! The swelling has dropped down so hoping I'll be fully mobile for Nova... I swear...

I'm close to done so should be all good as long as I don't jack myself up anymore .. 8/ .. but with me you never know! haha..

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