Friday, August 25, 2017

Hammer of the Gods

 Hey hey .. While I was looking at the guy I made with the lightning claw I just couldn't take it.. he's too stumpy. So I went back to Plan B and last night I finished up this guy I had started and I'm actually pretty happy with his outcome.
 For a one day paint job I think he's pretty good and he will be a new Praetor.. and he'll get some action in the big blam .. a Thunder Hammer will be of great use.

 Its hard to see but I added a little blue to the front of the hammer like there is some power there but it's not be kicked in..  I liked the looks of the hammer without the glow so figured I'd just put the start but not a full glow.
 Whoa.. he's blurry..  well I did a little clean up on the Apoth but Im going to get a little more done on the sword. I also smeared it with black (on the other side) last night haha.. so that has to be fixed. Hint.. always check your figured before you pick up a model 8)
 Here's stubby.. I have to figure out what I'm going to do with him..  but I couldn't handle it haha
And finally in an act of stupidly I started on the Proteus .. it's a good way in so I might get it done but I'm not too worried about it. It gets done, awesome! If not it waits till later..

Saturday I want to have the Display 100% complete.. The wife has granted me the day so it will be a full day to get my final stuff done! I'm looking forward to being done. haha..

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