Monday, August 14, 2017

I heat up, I can't cool down...

 The Knight is taking shape... I didn't get him done like I had hoped this weekend but I did get a lot done. I got the Contemptor glued down along with the legs of the Knight. It was some work to get it lined up right but I got it to look pretty good.
 I started to work on the details like the eyes and hoses. Went with heat fatigue on the hose to add some color and pop. I still have some highlights to do on the brass then I have to start with the weathering and the tarnishing of the brass. I started to test the tarnish on the legs guard brass bits. I'm pretty happy with the look. Now I need to do it for the rest.. a lot of brass haha..
 The Torso isn't attached to the legs yet.. I'll wait till I have the weathering done.
 I think he's looking pretty cool.. I'm going to add some leaking fluid from the Contemptor as well ..
 I also need to powder it up....  mainly it will be soot and some light dirt to the feet and legs.
I'm hoping to have him done by Tuesday night... I want to have the final two weeks to work on the displayboard .. I'm going to need it! But the tarnishing takes awhile ..  I like the way he's looking now so I'm going to go a little lighter on the grime then I did on the Legion vehicles. I figured the standard humans would still clean their vehicle every now and then. 8)

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