Friday, August 4, 2017

Liiiikke aaah Buuug....

 So since I'm not busy enough I decided to try and knock out a Knight before Nova. And then I was like I don't really like the static stance so hey I'll re position his leg. Ok well that means it will be up in the air so I was like what can go beneath it? At first I was thinking of a Rhino but that was way too big so I started digging through my models and I settled on one of the Plastic Contemptors.
 Sadly those things are crazy stiff looking but I figured since he's going to be in rough shape it shouldn't be an issue.
 This is going to be the basic pose. The Knight will have it's leg coming down on the traitor SoH contemptor who will have his power fist up trying in vein to stop the giant boot down on it's head and chest.
 I broke him up as such.. torso and hips apart and one leg off. The Melta bent over and broken. I added some wires coming out of the chest and Melta arm. I also added a pin and wire poking out of the leg to show the pieces connections.
 I rusted up the base and added some verdigris to the copper pipes. I'll be adding scratches to the base to show the dread hitting the deck as well as powder marks on the dread to show the explosions that ripped it apart.
 There is still more work that needs to be done but it was good progress for just last night during the Hobby Hangout..  Which John reminded me that he made a Knight stepping on a Dread. I totally forget .. well this time the SoH are on the receiving end! .. Sadly mine won't be up to his level but as long as it looks decent I'll be happy. No TIME!
The Knight built into sections to start painting...

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