Monday, September 4, 2017

NOVA 2017 Aftermath ...

 This weekend past was the payoff for all of the work I've been doing for the past six months. It was honestly the best gaming experience I've had at NOVA. The 30k crew was awesome and honestly I can't even remember how my win loss total was.. it didn't matter. I met and hung out with so many people this year it was wild. Sadly again I think I think I played too much doing the team game and then the Big Blam that night and it pretty much crushed me haha..  But it was awesome playing on beautifully painted tables with great armies.. all of the events were fun and had some craziness too!

I got a ton of great comments about the army and the displayboard! It was awesome chatting with people about it and talking with people about their armies..  There were many and awesome looking. I won the Best Appearance for the Opening Salvo event and that was very cool! I also for a RAD army badge haha.. which looks like a RAD grenade..  nice.
 I entered the Imperial Knight and Fellblade into the main painting Comp - The Capitol Palette and scored a Silver and Bronze metal which took me completely by surprise. I usually just hope for finalist..  when they read out the names for the finalists and I wasn't on there I was thinking damn... I didn't make it to the final round. But when they started calling our the medals I had scoured a Bronze for the Fellblade and Silver for the Knight. Greg who was sitting next to me said my face was great.. I'm sure it was a mix between stunned and excited haha.. honored to have placed.
 The swag and awards for nice .. I got 2 Contemptors and Termies..  sadly .. I don't think they really fit in the Raven Guard I'm making. Neither really seem stealthy haha.. All good, I'll figure something out to do with them.
I did breakdown and pick up a Sicaran Battle Tank at the Forgeworld booth.. I have always loved the look of them but wanted to see one in person. Seeing all the ones on the table of the 30k events made it a lock. And no it's not a new version.. it's the original .. I know you were thinking the new one? Every time and said I picked it up the next question was the new one? EVERY TIME.. haha..

So ... a great time.. now it's time to switch over to family time...  and to plan whats next for the year ahead! 8)

PS.. if you are interested Michael from St. Andrews Gaming  did a feature on my Blog .. I answered some of his question and you can see a picture of me sitting there looking dumb 8)

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