Friday, September 22, 2017

Almost ready to get dirty..

 After the initial annoyance that has been the Sicaran I sat down and got some more work done. The tank is getting close to dirty time.
 I decided to go with bone stripes .. of a sort. The main body stripe goes from the sides to the center main view area. The second is on the turret and is on the gun guards. I think there is enough secondary color so that is where I'm going to stay.
 I painted the vehicle and legion numbers keeping the same theme of legion on the front right and the vehicle left rear.

 I've had a lot of good feedback from the army and people are really liking the weathered look. I've also been asked a bunch of questions on how I do it. So I'm going to try and take progression pics and write up a how to on it .. what I use and the process. It's not too complicated really..  I wasn't thinking about it before I started the chipping but didn't take pics of it. Above I have the chipping fluids I use, The process is pretty simple.
Spray your base color and then clear coat it. Let that clear coat dry. Then coat the area with the chipping fluid. Let that dry. Then apply the top color, use some water on a tool like a toothpick or a finger nail and start to chip the color .. this isn't a hard process but it does take some time to get use to make the chips look right. Practice on something you don't care about but chipping the edges of the second color and breaking up a hard line will make it look more realistic. The look I go for is more realistic so take a look at some old pictures of tanks .. Space Marine tanks are made of Ceramite so the tank panels themselves wouldn't actually rust. So I like to keep true to that fact and only rust addon areas like the tracks some on the guns but they are more maintained as they are required to kill in the Emperors name! ..

The airbrush work is done and most of the initial hand color work is almost done.. now I need to see what areas I want to add the brass color to. I'll also add some edge highlights to it since when I apply the weathering it will bring down the highest levels.