Thursday, March 30, 2017

Break out the tape..

 It was time to get some work done on the Storm Eagle. I added another coat of putty and then started on it. I primed it up and then started to work on the blending.
It started out looking decent .. it might look grey heavy at some spots but when I start adding the weathering it will bring it down. And now it was time to start  adding the white sections which meant it was masking time again.
 Thankfully it's no where near the masking I had to do on the Falcons of my Eldar..  and they are all straight which makes it much easier 8) . I thought about adding strips to the smaller front wings but I figured it would be too much and again .. they are into shadow and what not.. I haven't taken pics of the bottom but the lines don't go to the under side. This was usually done to camo the aircraft better as enemies would be looking up and only seeing the bottom of the craft.
 They came out looking good and I started to chip and add damage. I went a little heavier on the SE then the FR but I think when it's weathered it will look awesome. Right now ever thing looks all clean and bright but there is no weathering added as all .. other then the chipping.
It's still a bit shiny as the gloss coat is still rocking it. I'm going touch up some over bleed and then start adding the metal work. On the FR i was trying to figure out the look so it took a bit longer. The SE is moving much quicker .. I think 8)

I've also been trying to get together by Imperial Guard and Dark Angel stuff. I'll be putting it up on Ebay soon. I'm never going to play IG again and I have so many tanks taking up so much space. I also want to get ride of the DA I have as I don't need 5 Marine armies... With making the Raven Guard I'll have too many... I have so many DA bikes .. like 15 or something.

Thirdly I've also been working on a Space Hulk / Aliens looking complex. I've wanted to make a Zone Mortalis style board and have been working on it here and there over the last six months or so.
 I wanted to make it modular and I want it to have the whole Aliens look. I was watching the movie and was really inspired to knock it out. I've made it large enough to handle models up to a Dread but also works fine for a normal 28mm model. I'll probably add some smaller sections down the road but right now I'm adding all the sections. I also have the T sections done and have some smaller blenders.
 I have moving doors .. some opening to the side and others more of a bulkhead style that raises up and can be looked in place if you want it open or open in smaller increments. I'll be adding some more pictures soon. I have about 5 more sections to cut and test. I'll also be adding a Med Bay, Control Room, Hanger, Cargo Bay and a few other things.
I also made them with tabs on the side that you can use to look the sections together so they are bumped the entire layout doesn't get shifted out of place. I wish I was painting them as I was building them but I have to test fit some sections so the painting has to come later. When I have time .. which right now I have little haha

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