Friday, March 10, 2017

Treads over bones..

 Progress..  The past two nights I've been working on the Land Raider. I got hit with a brutal version of the Flu and was pretty much destroyed on Tuesday but I have slowly been feeling better. My stomach still isn't right but it's better then it was. I've been blending infantry peeps but wanted to take a break so pulled over the Land Raider and started making solid progress.
 I got a lot of the main body blended and the white sections. I started to add the weathering but there are still areas that need to be toned down a bit as they are still brighter then I'd like. Last night I was on the Thursday Hobby Hangout and was talking (ok whining I suppose) about painting black haha.. it does get boring. The Raven Guard was one of the Legions that were almost completely destroyed so the weathered look fits their story but it also adds a lot of interest. To me at least.. So in talking about this on the Hangout John S recommended to blend with oils and then proceeded to give us a nice how to demonstration which was awesome. His work was looking awesome .. but I think he's more comfortable with oils then I am.. I use them here and there but painting a whole army with them would be a lot. Plus I'd have to go back and redo some of the stuff I already have finished. I'm not going back haha.. I then talked John in to cleaning his brushed haha.. I described my process when I'm done painting. I usually clean all my brushes used with "The Masters" brush soap and described my less then delicate cleaning process.. I rub hard to get all the bits out of the belly of the brush .. and then I roll the brush and let it dry on the Bristol. Next session I just wash it off and then get to it .. He then went on a cleaning frenzy and washed about 20+ brushed trying to restore. haha.. He had good results!
 On one edge you can see a bit of the white that needs to be toned down.
 I'm also in a battle as to weather I should add some glow effect to to the Las coils on the guns. Adding some interest could be cool but I think it might take away from the scheme and feel of the weathered dark look.
 Since the body of the LR is ceremite I didn't add any rust to it but the treads and some of the other side wheel sections.
I still need to work a lot on the stacks at the back adding in the fatigued blues, purples and gold. I'll also be adding soot to the top and rear vents which need to be darkened up. Right now a few layers are drying so tonight it should be good for some more work..

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