Monday, March 6, 2017

Footslog a mile in my boots..

 This weekend I got a good bit of work done on the Mor Deythan squad and while they aren't done they are moving close to finished. The MD squads are all about blending and stealth .. in some of the books they talk about the MD sitting in place not moving and just blending in so out of all of the RG they would most likely be the most gritty.
 I went with the Digital Camo but couldn't keep it all nice and sparkly clean. .. I blended the armor a bit more trying to smooth it out and add some detail. But again still trying to keep them more a matte look so less reflections but also keeping them black. This is definitely a challenge for me .. and I'm hating all the black already haha
 I only added the muck to too of them so far as I wanted to make sure I really liked it.So these three are farther along but no muckiness.

 I also put together a couple of other models. Or at least started on it. Some of the other pieces I want to paint first and then attach. I also need to finished building the standard barer. I think the retinue guy can hold the Standard and the Auto Cannon .. it looks like it in the rules so hopefully that's true.
The two weather guys still need some areas toned down and I also need to finish up all the details like lens and what not but I think they are coming along nicely. As I look forward I'm getting nervous. I have a lot of black armored space marines to paint ..  yikes.

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