Thursday, March 16, 2017

Balls of Fury...

 Last night I got a little work done on the Dark Fury squad.. I got the black blends pretty close to being done which is nice. I was tired of blending so I started working on the bases and went with a heavily rusted steel and copper look. I wanted to add some color to the bases to make them pop a bit.
 I went with a dark rust and then another coat of a medium rust but it was way way too bright. So I had to bring it down a good bit. I added some grime to it to bring the overall look down to a darker aged steel look. I left some of the raised areas brighter to show that these areas have new rust corrosion.
 I went with a copper/brass look for the pipes and other bits on the bases to break them up. I added some verdigris then went over the areas with rust and some grime. I'm liking the look and I'll probably add a little soot but over all I think it looks solid.
I got the rest of the wings cleaned and ready so I'll be priming them and attaching them. Once they are on I'll finish the rest of the blending and then it should just be the details and claws..

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