Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Patience and perseverance

 The Mor Deythan are wrapped up. I weathered p the rest of the squad and toned down some of the areas I thought were a little too bright. For me I always seem to see things that need to be fix from pictures.. resets the perspective. I broke out the light box to get better lighted pictures.
 I added some grass tufts to their bases to add some more color. I figured it would be another good way without modding the color scheme.
 I toned down some of the brass bits and gave them a slight fatigued look. I also adjusted some of the highlighted areas which were a little too bright.

 All of the metals are brought down to a dull look that wouldn't product much of a gleam if at all.

 Still hard to see but finished up the eyes and scopes. Went with red for eye and helmet scope, blue for the gun's scope and screen. I kept them toned down as well..

 They have the dark stealth look I was going for, I have another squad of MD to build but I think I'm going to go with Combi's on that squad to mix them up but I guess we'll see.

So one squad down and a ton more to go. So much more haha..

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