Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wrap it up...I'll take it...

 Alrightly ..  Tired of looking at this yet?

Last night I completed the gun pods and finished up most of the small details. There are some details on the lens that I might hit up later on but I really want to move onto something else to break it up some. But at least one Raven Guard thing can be considered done. And for me finishing up flyers is a rarity haha.. I usually start them and then they sit there forever, other then my Eldar flyers..  though I do have another one of those to paint up as well .. but that's down the road haha
The pods came out looking good.. and I'm really happy with the way the flyer has tied itself together. The added colors pop and link it together from front to rear. 

 The modified tail really came tonight and I'm pretty happy with it's looks. No Stubby tails for me!

 I still need to pick out the base and get that done but otherwise it's time to move onto some other stuff..
I have two Rhinos to build and some more dudes.. Most of them are cleaned and off the sprue waiting to be put together. So .. whats next 8) ..

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