Friday, March 3, 2017

Who doesn't want Mor?...

 Last night I started to work more on the infantry. I had been thinking on how to handle their cloaks and decided to go with a digital camo look. I went with four shades of grey in the block pattern on the cloaks of the five Mor Deythan .. I have five more to build and I'm liking the way they came out. As the Raven Guard are all about the stealth I may even use it on the leader's cloaks.
 Still not a lot done on them other then the base coat and the camo patterns. I'm going to start working on the blends next. Other then the Fire Raptor I've been off and on working on the Dark Fury squad and the Mor Deythan squad. I was really just building them and rough shading them.

I figured it was going to be just spray and go but you really have to spread the pattern correctly otherwise it looks too bunched up. I redid a couple of them to spread them out making them look better in my opinion.

Hopefully I'll get a bit more done this weekend on them...  I'll also be weathering them up some .. especially the Mor Deythan squad as they are out in it and they need to stay mucked up.

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