Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I love it when a plane comes together..

 Hey hey ... got a good bit done last night and it's actually getting pretty close to being done. I glued on the other wing and the rear door and let it sit while I worked on some other areas.... namely the front panel and guns.
 I'm not a huge fan of the Space Marine pilot as I always felt he looks a little too bulky and jammed in. I also wanted to play around with the reflective canopy. I went with a purple blend to show a darker night sky with some kind of nebula reflection. I think it came out pretty solid.
 I also added copper highlights to the front guns and weathered them. I'm adding bits of color here and there to give it some more flare. I want it to be stealth but it still needs a little something here and there as not to be boringly black.
 I base coated the side blister guns and I'll start working on adding some copper and weathering to them as well. I started on the running lights and other lens that are here and there on the FR. I'm still in debate of which color will go where as again I want it to have the right look. I shouldn't have too much more to do and the Raptor will be complete 8) .. whoot.
 In the past couple of posts I mentioned that the Eagle looks bigger and today I put them side by side and yet. The Eagle is actually taller. The body appears to be at least 1/2" higher then the Raptor. I was actually pretty surprised they went back and make it more streamlined. It makes sense and Forgeworld does put in the time .. though sadly the kit is a pain haha
I was going to start on the Eagle next but as I was priming over the green I noticed there is still a good bit of spots that need another later of putty to fill some gaps and clean it up. I think I'm going to knock out some guys before I just into another flyer. haha..  so wrap up the FR and then get the Dark Fury squad complete. Mix it up a little to break the monotony of the same thing.

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