Monday, March 27, 2017

Fury Unleashed..

 The Dark Fury Squad is done, here's the last photo dump of them. I think they came out looking pretty good and I'm loving the pop of the claws. It really stands out and adds interest.
 I added a little more detail to the backpack vents, adding some glow and black weathering to add some exhaust engines.
 I cleaned up the bases and added the black ring to tighen up the look.
 I also added a light glow to the models so show the claws are indeed glowing. I didn't want to go overboard as I said they are suppose to be dark and matte.

Now it's time to get some new moving along. I started working on the Storm Eagle. Now that I've moved the DF off the table its time to build up some Vets and Techs.
I've been mixing it up between vehicles and infantry to keep it interesting. I'm also looking into what I'm going to paint for the painting comp. At least one thing will be Eldar as I have to represent! 8) ... Maybe one of the new releases. Who knows..

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