Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stop messing with my emotions

Last night I got a good bit of table time in, though I did mix it over a lot of stuff. Dark Angel Tacts, Termies, some basing and an Eldar Banshee. I finished up a Tact ML guy, after taking pics I see a few things I might add. I don't want to go too far on these guys, I'm trying to stay table quality and quick overall.

I also wanted to base him because I wanted to see how I was going base the Termies. But since I did I also based the Plasma guy.

Since the Termie Bases are larger and I added the stones I need to add a little more to them. Beside the grass and soil I also added some foliage. I think I'm going to add a little more soil to the base but over all I think this will be close to the final look. The Termie got a little work as well but is still a long ways off.

Then I worked on this Finecast Banshee Exarch. And when I say Finecast I say that so sarcastically it hurts. I wanted to paint something else and she was sitting on the shelf so I figured I'd throw some paint on her. I wanted to figure out what colors I was going to use for them. As I started to paint it I realized how bad this mini really was. There are so many errors on the model. It's terrible, I know a ton of people have complained  about Finecast but I realized last night that I've bought Finecast models but I haven't actually painted one yet. As I'm going I noticed how bad the molding is and how spindly the models are now. Eldar are very thin, the metal really helped in that regard. One of these models ever falls more then over and it will shatter.

The quality of the painting is very rough on her, I was starting on it then noticed how bad the model is and that made it harder to figure out how to continue. The chest stomach section is the worst, well pretty much the whole torso. Hopefully the quality has increased over the last year but honestly if they are all this bad I won't buy another FC Mini.

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