Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Putting the time in..

And it is built! Thankfully I got time last night to work a good bit on the cabinet/spray booth. Just used my drill as the Impact Driver is loud though haha.. so it was pre drill switch the bit and then insert screws. It added extra time but I got it done without waking my daughter or son up (he did that on his own). I finished up all the base construction which is cool, I don't have to cut anything else(wood wise at least) or make too much noise now haha. The only thing that's left is to mount the lights and foam board around the spray area. I was hoping to at least have the lights installed but my son woke up and would not go back to sleep unless I held him. So work time ended for the night but it won't take too much more to get that all done up. Now that the stuff holder is holding stuff I need to organize the stuff. Well I need to figure out what should be where and get the containers all divided by what they are holding, I'm a bit OCD so it will probably be more then needs doing but hey .. me and Big E have that in common, we hate Chaos haha.. pardon the nerd humor.
Before all the stuffs filled it up, I can't hook up the vent hose until I cut and fit the foam board so Ignore the giant silver snake. When it's done you'll just see it running along the back of the desk and then connect to the piece that goes into the window to the right. I haven't used it yet but I'm really happy with where it's going. Now I have a surface I can put stuff on as I spray or glue. Gluing will actually be the more important of tasks done at the desk, since my lungs are now crushed by any of the fumes.

These are the lights I picked up for the booth area. Three 14" linkable lights, I have one over my painting desk (well it's the higher end model and 18") and it puts out decent light. Three of them being in such a small area should be very bright indeed. And I'll just be using standard foam board, these are Elmer's brand but I'm pretty sure all foam board is the same foam board. I mean how much more or less awesome could it be?

No actually hobby stuffs as I had to get my son, which I don't mind. He's a snuggle monster which is cool but  wish he would get that all in during his awake time not from 11 to 3 in the morning haha.. To counteract the mention of snuggle I'll leave you with a picture of some suitable 40K violence. (Found the picture on the web btw I didn't draw it or anything)

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