Friday, March 15, 2013

Assemble your team

I updated the Kill Team rules I've been working on, we've played a couple of games with them and they are an on-going work in progress. But so far every time we've played people seem to have a good time. If you are interested in looking at them or using them be my guest.

Kill Team Rules - Updated March 2013

There are a good bit of changes this time around. I added a lot of information reguarding Coherency and what it will give you. There are a lot of rules that get broken being a unit of one so I added some more details and rules in for that.

I also more fully described rules for things that have remained the same but seem to cause some confusion. Rules for shooting and assaulting movement. Gave Orkz access to some Nobz and put a cap on how many bikers can be used per army.

The biggest change I made is going back to the random bonus objectives will only be bonus points or bombs. People were ignoring them because they were scared a Baddie or bomb would be their choice. So the baddies were held in check, not this time. Every time a model runs within range of a building they will have to roll and see if something awaits them. This will put more stuff on the board so this will be tested the next game we get in.

I also added in the rules for NPC Snipers and how they will fire at targets. I changed this during the last game and they did very little. This time they won't shoot at what they can't see or hit.

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