Monday, March 4, 2013

Its Game Time

This weekend we had the 40K Tourney at Chucks Comics. It was a small event (only 6 players when one dropped out), sadly putting Josh in the alternate role haha) with mostly locals but the store likes to have some events run from time to time. There were a lot of beginners playing this time around, two had less then 5 games under their belt and another hadn't played a 6th Ed game yet. So it was a bit rough for them, Thom the eventual winner was playing the pretty standard Necron Stormlord Flyer Spam which they really were not ready for. Sean was playing a Dual Helldrake, dual Mfiend list which was also a very tough fight. Everyone seemed to have a very good time though, the beginners fought hard and hopefully learned a good bit getting in three games. The games went to 8:30 but I had started falling out around 7, my son had woke up at 4 that morning and wasn't going to let me get back to sleep. So it ended up being a very long day filled with a lot of information going back and forth. It was a good time and congrats to all who played and won. Here are a few more pictures..

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