Friday, March 8, 2013

Red is the color of awesome..

Last night I didn't have much time to paint so I just grabbed this guy and started throwing some red and black wash on him. He'll be the next BA I'll knock out I think, I need to get this squad done and feel bad they have been neglected. But I do want to get those DA down too. Ahhh.. the conflict.
Not to feel like I was slacking I started blending another DA Tact.

I was originally planning to just knock out a Tact every time I sat down to paint then move on to something else I think I'm just going to try and plow through and get these guys all done so I can move on to some other more fun stuff. I'm painting them as quick as I can, sometimes that can be hard for me haha .. but they need to get done. So that is going to be my goal... that and building my spray table/shelf. Last night when I went and picked up the new Dishwasher I priced out the wood which sadly will be costly if I go with pine. But I also don't want to use press board as there will be a lot of liquid being used on it and press board hates moisture. 

But on another note I have a website for you guys. If you haven't been there before I suggest you check it out. 

I started seeing a good bit of hits on my site coming from there so I checked it out and it's a pretty awesome site. They have a ton of really cool How To's linked up on their site. It appears someone added a few of mine on there and that's where the hits are coming from. Thanks! It really is a good site for a lot of information about painting, sculpting, building, you name it.

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