Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's all about wood

I designed a shelf/cabinet for my spray booth and airbrush stuffs. I'll be making it out of pine and hopefully I'll have the time to get it done this weekend but the weekend is already getting filled with plans so not holding my breathe. My painting table is setup well and I'm pretty happy with the layout.
But the area for my airbrush is a hot mess, I bought the drawer and container thing at Ikea but it's too low for the Spraybooth plus the built in containers really don't work for what I want. So that will be moving to the playroom which is cool, as we bought the same style drawer and we need more storage in there as well.
So I made the above design, I'm going to close off the center area and run the vent to the window and it will be the same height as my painting table. I won't have to adjust my chair or sit all hunched over when trying to spray something or glue something together. I'll also be installing three lights, one on top and one on each side to increase my lighting which currently is terrible. The shelves on the left will hold paints and on the right should be enough room to mount my compressor and airbrush stands. I'll have plenty of other room for storage in it so I can removed the billy bookcase (more Ikea) which is off to the left in the picture above. I'm looking forward to getting that done, the currently setup is a mess and not an easy to use work space.

On a side note,yesterday ended up being a terrible day. I pretty much was irritated with everything and it finished off on a low note. The dishwasher we got from my wives friend, I installed it going through all the normal crap one has to when installing a DWer. I noticed the feed line had a lot of oxidation on the pipe and was already worried but was hoping the leak might have just been between the pipe and flange. Not so much, as it started to fill up water starts pouring out of the connection to the DWers interior. So it appears the thing was leaking before, whether they knew that or not I don't know but now I have two DWers to get ride of, have to spend $300 to get a new one, pick it up and then install another one. Not to mention I cut my feed pipe to fit this one. If I have to replace that pipe I'm going to be pi$$ed! Today has been blah as well.. here's hoping it gets better .. POOP!

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