Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Not quite right..

Yesterday I was looking at the Seer's helm and I wasn't liking the design I was making on the side. So last night I painted over it and started again. The other design was looking more tribal and that didn't feel Eldar to me so I went back and made it look more curvy. As I'm looking at it I'm much happier with this design and I think this will be the one I work to finish out. I'm going to clear it before I go any farther so the work up to this point doesn't get wrecked. I was going to last night but I started cleaning all of my Airbrushes the night before and didn't feel like rebuilding them. So that will be tonight  haha hopefully

And since I had the reds out I put some more reds on this guy. Still needs blending but honestly I think the golds will be next for him haha.. tired of the yellow 8)


  1. Nice! I dig the new design on the eldar helm, definitely works better - awesome work on the BA as well!

  2. Thanks man.. yeah it feels more Dar like.. was looking at the Dragon Symbol and went with that.