Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mine's bigger..

Nothing too exciting today. I put about an hour into this guy getting the base colors on him last night, some minor blending but not much. I was going to go with the red feathers but I'm not really feeling it, it makes them look a little too..  well I really don't know but I'm not digging it. I'm probably just going to make them black with grey highlights. I'll probably add some brown to the parchment of the purity seals, right now they are pretty much blending in with his armour haha.. I really didn't have the energy to do too much last night, I'm still pretty tired from the weekend and then I had to go pick up another dishwasher. Ours was going up and my wife knows someone who was getting rid of theirs. We are planning on moving (hopefully) in the next few years so I wasn't worried about buying a new one. Last night I disconnected ours and took it outside, picked up the other one and put it in the kitchen. Tonight I'll have to hook it up, blah. But moving on here's his backside.. not much to see so far ..

I also measured up the area where my spray booth is and I'm going to design the shelves that will be holding it. I have a few ideas I want to include in it, mainly the spray area being closed off on the back and sides and places to attach lights. A decent play to mount the air compressor and storage on the bottom. It won't be that hard, I'll just need to buy the wood and it should only take me a few hours. I just have to find the free time..

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