Thursday, March 14, 2013

Done but not so done..

Last night I finished up the Spray Booth Area adding the foam board sides, back and the lights. I made it as tall as the width of a standard foam board so I can just cut it to length and slide it in, friction does the rest. I'm going to screw down some wood strips as guilds for extra.. ah .. retention I suppose. But the one thing I'm not happy with is the light, it's acceptable but not really as bright as I had planned. I was going to mount three lists with two being on the sides but I was worried that would cast shadows I didn't want so I mounted two at the top front and back. It's decent but I need more direct light. I might have to pick up some halogen lights to give it more umpfh! Otherwise I'm happy, the foam board works well and will be easy to replace when it needs to be, just a few quick cuts and it slides in place.

With the new booth area done I wanted to spray something but it was too late and I was too tired so I just painted at the table a bit until my son figured it was time to get up again. I knocked out another DA Tact and added some colors to the BA.. it's not a ton but I was pretty tired haha.. My Son has been battling us at night this whole week and it's taking it's toll on us!

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