Monday, January 14, 2013

Form up..

This weekend I got some more filing, sanding, cleaning and then gluing done. My fingers are all torn up, haha.. They are already dry from winter but this pretty much killed them. I put together 20 Tacs, 10 from DV and 10 from AoBR plus the 10 Terminators from both as well. I also got the characters and three bikes done. It was a lot of building. And even with the spray booth and respirator it started working on me. I'm amazed at how bad the glue fumes affect me, my hobby is trying to kill me! Hands and Lungs.. failing..
It was nice to get that part done but was pretty boring since they are just the snap and fit minis. Though I will have to say that the quality of them is awesome. I thought the AoBR were good but these really add a lot more detail. It's pretty cool that they look as good as they do and are put together so easily. Not much mod ability on a whole but still good for the price. The one bad thing is they do have a lot of flash, well the DVs weren't as bad but some of the shoulder pads do have ridges near the symbols that can be a pain to get off. I cleaned them decently and figured that will be good enough as these are just basic minis.
I also went through my bit boxes and start to dig out DA stuffs. I have at least 5 Vets in Robes with all their associated accoutrement's. I can also make 2 more Temies that I'll add some special weapons for the other options I might kit out. Plus I have 3 RW bikes to build, one I was going to use for a Diorama so I'm going to have to figure out how I want to proceed with that.

I'd have to say overall they are coming along nicely. I would have liked to get some painting done but I'm satisfied that I at least got most of them together. I'm still working on getting a list together that I
think I'll run. The Angels have a lot of tough units but wow are they expensive. Right now I'm working on limited funds so I want to make sure I'm going to use what I pick up.