Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Macho Business Donkey Wrestler

"He has fancy plans and pants to match" .. 8) I started on a Tactical and he is pretty much base colored. I started going in with some black ink washes then set him down to dry. I've mentioned holding a model under a light to see where the reflections hit and this is a good picture showing that. The wash always seems to give them a bit of a shine and it really shows where the light is hitting the model. I'll be going back in with the green highlights next then finishing up the details. These guys are going to be quickly done as they are just the starter kit models. They look good but are pretty static so I'm not too worried about going overboard on them.

As the Tact was drying I grabbed one of the Deathwing to mess with.

Sorry the pics seem to be a little blurry of this guy. But I got most of the base colors on, green will be going over the brown base of his tabard. I started using a little chestnut wash on his face. I want to figure out the technique I'm going to use on the bone armour. Whites are always a tough paint and want them to look good.
This afternoon the DA stuff I ordered should be in so tonight will probably be a clip and sand kind of night. I started on 2 Razorback/Rhinos last night. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before but if you are planning on buying a Rhino just pay a few dollars more and get the RZB. If you don't glue on the top doors you can replace them depending on what the vehicle you are using at the time. Thankfully I had stock piled a few things here and there this summer as I knew money was going to be tighter after Wyatt got here. So that means I now have at least the Nephilim, DW Command, Attack bike and 2 Rhinos to build. Lately the fumes have been kicking my butt so I'm all nervous now when I have to glue a lot. It really sucks as building the minis is part of the fun. Looks like I'll be sitting at the spray booth with the respirator on again haha..

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