Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome to my Seat of Power..

Or seat of nerdiness... you can choose. haha Since I had to move around a lot of my painting stuff for the addition of other stuffs that were in the now playroom I decided to go with a new painting table and setup. My old table was drafting height and as I get older it started to hurt my back and butt haha.. the chair style that is ..WHOOT! so I went with a standard height and now can use my comfy computer chair.

I'm still in the process of getting all my bits and boxes sorted. I moved my spray booth onto wall where the table use to be. It needs to be near the window to vent. I moved (not Pictured a book case in too but now I have to re-arrange again as some of the drawers wont open haha. Sheesh.
As my Grandad use to say. It's 10lbs of $hit in a 5lbs bag. This doesn't even know all the bit boxes I have in the closet nor the stuff that's still sitting in boxes unopened haha. I think after I'm done I'll be happier with the setup as most of my stuff will be easier to get to. Which is cool. I just need to get it all cleared up!

Here's a few Pictures of the Playroom.. just needs some molding then 100% done. We started moving the toys in as soon as possible. I can get to the molding with it in there and the rest of the house now has some breathing room haha..

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