Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ol Painless..

Dark Vengeance AC Termie with an added banner. Last night I was mainly just DAing up some of the standard minis. I was also getting the bits all sorted to know what I had and to figure out what I still need to build. The vets bodies are built just figuring how I'm going to equip them.
I also started getting the bikes ready to go. I removed the larger bases and started to pry off the BA shoulders I had on them. Which resulted in bits flying all over the place haha. I couldn't find the one guys torso until this morning when I put my shoe on and ouch! Dude was hiding in my shoe. Glued some of the Ravenwing bikes together and organized their bits as well. For the new bikers I have two of the poses figured out. One will be the side kicked Akira style like the BA biker I did, want to get that pose on the table haha.. and the other guy I want him to be ducked low with a power sword held to the side dipping down. In my mind it will look cool, hope it does once built up.

Kicking it into a side skid. It needs some more green stuff but is looking ok so far.

I didn't get too much done last night, I was in the process of rebuilding my Desktop after the hard drive fail. After some annoyance I get it back up and my sound drivers won't load, it also appears Dell removed all the drivers for my computer from their website. It's actually an older machine but I use it to serve music so it doesn't need to do much other then connect to the network and play sound when painting. And that won't load. I upgraded the machine from XP to 7 a few years ago so somehow it must have located the correct drivers. Now it will not. Awesome. Looks like I'll be buying a sound card now too. I was also loading a computer for someone else and realized I didn't have any of the drivers, it was getting late and I was in no mood to DL them all. So that will have to wait till the weekend.