Thursday, January 31, 2013


Last night was a hectic night so I mainly worked on general stuff instead of trying to put in some serious painting time. It was all stuff that needed to be done so was a good use of time as well. I finished up one Rhino and  got another started, I also got it completely filed and cleaned so it's basically build and be done. I need to print out the Rhino DA images so I can cut out the stencils for the top hatch and sides.

I was also thinking about my list and may add in a Dread so I glued the AoBR dread together, not that it takes long for that thing haha.. it's seriously seven pieces! But I'm going to have to build up another Drop Pod most likely ..  and man do I hate building those. But I've had the pod sitting in a box since I got the Mega Force the year before so will be nice to have it built up.

I also got all the Tacts sprayed base green and they will be moving on to the table for some assembly line style painting. Once I get these guys rocked out I'll probably move onto the Terminators. So far I've been pretty happy I've kept focus and have stayed on plan but I've had the urge to paint some Eldar.. 8) Though really not trying to worry about them till the Dex drops. I don't want to have to build up an army that can hang only to have to rebuild when they finally get a new book. I've been hearing a Eldar Flyer will be released this upcoming mini wave. Hopefully that is the case and hopefully it looks decent. If it looks decent I'll be getting one of them at least for sure.

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