Monday, January 7, 2013

Let the wild rumpus begin...

Last night after watching the Seahawks move on in the playoffs I went into the hobby room to straighten up. I ended up painting a little too and some of it was decent.. some of the scouts I messed with as it got later paid the price of my tiredness haha.. never paint details tired. I didn't even realize most of the slip ups until I took pics and now I'll have to go and fix them. Nothing major just some of the lens didn't quite come out clean and I free handed BA symbols on two of their shoulders. They look bad .. way bad so I'll be redoing them. The Scout shoulder pad is smaller and my addled mind couldn't comprehend it for some reason haha. But I did get some done this guy so he's almost done. Just more details and need to glue on a BP.

Also start messing with the camo pattern. I was sitting there and thinking what do I want to do. Still had no idea so I grabbed 2 browns and black and just start going to town. They still need some more blending but I'm happy enough with it. So this pattern will be it, I'm on the want to be done with these guys phase haha.. Might be that I'm still just tired as all hell..

Saturday night I went to Sean's house to check his roof as he's having some leaking here and there. And since I was going to be over his house we used that as a chance to get in another game. I've been wracking up a good many here lately! They are all tests so far as I'm still trying to get a feel for what I like and what changes have been made. Sean is still testing lists for a Tourney. In these games I've really liked the fliers (who doesn't? unless you are the guy without any blah), so I went with a BA with IG allies. Using a Storm Raven and 2 Vendettas. I also tried out the Sang Guard and Dante, always nice to have an extra scoring unit and Dante's Surgical Strike is sweet. I also wanted to see how my DC w/ Bolters in a Drop Pod would work in 6th.

It was another 5 Obj game and was the Corner Deploy. He went first and there was no night fighting. Right from the get go I knew the dice were against me. 1 to see who goes first and that was the first 1 of MANY sadly. I mean it was pathetic really. In the first two rounds his artillery (he was playing Chaos w/ IG allies) never missed. I mean not once!! In two rounds I lost a 6 man JP Squad, Command Squad, 2 squads of 10 Vets in Chams.. well the one squad barely lasted to the third. The Drop Pod (thankfully not destroyed at least) was delayed and the Fliers didn't come in till round three. The scout squad was wiped out in three along with the last bit of the Vet Squad. I was about to quit, it was that bad and I figured what was the point. All I had left was the DC in the pod and Dante, 5 Sang guard and a Sang Priest. But I said screw it .. might as well continue and actually it worked out for me. Though I think the Sang Guard are cursed, everytime I use them I roll horrible. It's true. Their gold armour has some kind of ancient mummy curse on them or something!

I figured since I really had nothing to lose I dropped the DC on one of his objs to my right, right on top of a squad of Chaos marines. I also dropped Dante and his crew right in the middle of his blobed guys. He had moved enough guys out of an area I could land right in front of his Artillery Battery. Thanks to no scatter I got right in there and though I had 3 infernus pistols I could only pop one Griffin. The DC fired into the Chaos dudes and another show of terrible rolls I think I killed one marine (not with the Infernus Pistol on their either. That rolled a 1 to wound.. awesome). So now I was going to have to weather a ton of fire on the Dante Squad and the DC would be taking a lot of heat as well. Thankfully I was in area terrain so I got a cover save which was nice as he was loaded up with Plasma. I put the Sang Priest behind the Guard hoping the 2+ saves would save him. I had two squads of 10 C marines blast away with 2 plasma and a ton of bolters. They also had Auto Cannons as did the IG near me. He rolled and rolled but thankfully the ones didn't overwhelm my rolling and I only lost 1 Sang Guard. 2+ and FnP makes for a strong combo still though sadly only 5+.

Only 3 my fliers came in and took out one more artillery and one of his fliers main gun. Which was nice but I think we both forgot it was gun less. The DC fired again and this time killed 2 .. bah .. then charged them. In the squad I had a power weapon and power fist. I killed 2 models, one PW and a failed armour. The rest I wiffed on. That was 35 Attacks and 2 models died. Hurtful for sure. he killed 1 back. Dante and posse Assaulted one 10 man squad Challenged and the squad took out 4.. ok but with all PWs I was hoping for more for sure. Both are still locked so that was nice .. in his turn finished them off and moved on toward other homies. Assaulted his Leader Squad and challenged but his wuss of a Sorccer didn't accept he let the Champion get a beating. The Sang Priest was killed in overwatch fire I think.. don't remember for sure but he was dead. Totally forgot about the Look Out Sir.. oh well. back to the Melee. Dante wins and the SG take out 2 marines and I lose 1. The end of the turn the objective explodes and kills one.. 8( seriously? The DC multi charged two of his IG squads and put the hurt on them. Both broke and the command was run down. The other guy ran off.

On Turn 5 Dante and to Sorccer faced off in a Challenge. Dante only needed to get 1 wound on him as he Death Mask hodoed him in the beginning of the game. Four wounds and he saved three, dead! The last SG killed 2 Cmarines and they broke were caught and destroyed. I was only trying to have a strong showing in the final rounds of a bad game but then as I looked I realized I had 1 obj since I killed his command and marines that were on it. I looked over and he only had 1 obj as well. I had two secondary with Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker. He had one with first blood. That was a huge turn around for sure and was a surprise for me, I just wanted blood. A bold move paid off for sure and the 2+ saves of the Sang Guard lasted out.

It started out terrible but in the end it was one of the more fun games I had played. I would have been happy just getting the Slay the Warlord as I wanted revenge (not to mention I wrecked his Collous at the end too. suck ass thing). Fliers are still one of my Favs, but they really need to offer up some FAQ assistance to armies without. Having to take the Aegis D Line as the only means of Air Defense stinks! We figured out some rules questions we had and I think Sean got some tweak ideas for his list so it was a win all around. I forgot a couple of things too like red thrist and some firing plus the look out sir but since I haven't rolled dice in awhile it's ok.. hopefully I'll remember next game haha


  1. How are you feeling about Pete Carol, John Schneider and the Seahawks now? I know you're probably still a fan but the last couple years you were hating on Pete Carol and management. Are you grudge watching or has your opinion changed? Personally I LOVE this team. Even more than the 05 team. It reminds me of the one that made me a fan in 83. Tough D, awesome run game and a scrappy QB.

  2. Still don't like Carol but I'm still behind the Hawks. I just try to ignore him when he's jumping around like a nut.

    Wilson progressed farther then I've expect in his first season and is very Tarkening esche .. pretty fun to watch plus Lynch is just mowing over peeps. The D is solid, expect for that 1 st Quarter but they tightened up quick.

    Next week should be an awesome game! Atl's D isn't all that so hopefully they can put up some decent points! I hate the Deadskins so glad we knocked them out haha