Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Long Kill..

The past week my Son has been going down around seven so I've been getting in some regular table time. Last night I wanted to finish up the Scouts and get them off the table. They are pretty much done, I haven't been able to clear them yet though. My Airbrush Station isn't set back up yet so when that's done I'll clear them and use some powder on them then clear again. It will tone down some of the metal on the guns but I want to clear it before I use the weathering powders.

They look decent I suppose. Still not completely happy with the shoulder icons but I can accept it. They should only be table quality anyway. They have the grimy look I wanted and look like they've been in the field for a good while. I didn't want them to have a clean look and they look raggedy enough for me haha .. I want to get them knocked out so I can start working on some other stuff. Which most likely are going to be some Dark Angels, I think I'm pretty sold on them so they will be the next project I work on. Sadly last night one of my hard drives failed on my Raid so that will eat up some of the money I was going to use for new Mini's. I have some amazon gift cards so I'm hoping that will pay for the dead drive and I can still get me some purdy new Fliers! haha


  1. I really dig the camo pattern on the cloaks! The lenses on the scopes and goggles look really sharp as well - fantastic work, man!

  2. Thanks, glad you are liking them.. wasn't sure how the camo was going to come out haha