Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What green is the right green?

I start playing with greens for the Dark Angels, I want to see which colors I like for each layer. So I started with an old primed Plasma Dev, he's been around for a long time sitting on the shelf primed. Since the DA are all about the Plasma I figured he'd be as good as any but wish I would have primed up a Tac. Just for more of a clean view at his armour haha. Last I was even attempting to do that but my Velocity Airbrush kept bubbling in the pot. I took it apart trying to figure out what was causing it but didn't see anything. Annoyed I just grabbed an already primed model. But I'm going to go online today and see if I can find anything about that issue, I'm hoping a seal isn't popped. Right now I'm thinking it's going to have to go back to them.

But.. anyway. I played with the colors on the mini. Starting with Caliban Green from the new GW Line as a base.

The White gun was annoying me so I blacked that up just so it wouldn't. When I started messing with these guys I realized how little green I had. Most of the greens I have are grass colored. Before going onto some highlights I hit up the recesses with black wash.

Next step was Snot Green and to start the blend in of the edges plus some of the other areas. I typically don't edge highlight but DA's are very dark green and don't want the color to be too bright. The following pics I've added 50/50 paint/water mix in multiple layers of the snot green. Really I think I like the snot green highlight so I'll probably stick with that color for the mid highlight.

The next part was harder, what would be the bright highlight? Again with not many colors to chose from I went with Livery Green (I think so of the old GW colors would be Bileous or Scorpion Green) which I think has a little too much yellow making it very bright. Or I just used more then I should have and only hit the very brightest spots. Also probably should have just mixed up a color but I was looking for a quick color choice.

Thinking it was now too bright I went back with a Thraka Wash and then a very light Caliban Green to bring the color down a bit. The Caliban Wash was around 80/20 water to paint. I also wanted to see how it would go with the rest of the model so I added some metallics to the gun as well as painting bits red. Hit the eyes and the Aquila and black washed it to get a basic feel of how the model would look all tied together.

I'm still going to play around with it some but so far I'm liking where it's going. Plus I should be able to roll though them I'd think. Though I do start nit picking even on test models and delay myself haha. When I'm all said and done I'll make up a How To if people are interested in one. Don't know if it will help or if this has .. but I figured some people might like to see some of the color combos if they were thinking on the same subject.

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