Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bullet to the brain pan... squish.

I was off for 11 days during the holiday break and most of the that time was put into finishing the playroom which is 98% done (just need to finish up the molding). But I did get some painting in, I also got a new painting table which is a little smaller but works for the new setup I'm going for. I'll post up some pictures of that in the next few days. I also got in a game with my friend Sean which I'm writing up a battle report of sorts and I will also post. In that game I used some BA Scouts, which to me in 6th got a little boost. Like the Eldar Ranger just not as good haha .. precision and better cover is always nice. They did decently but Mephy stole the show, more about that in the BR.

Painting .. ah was nice to actually spend some time at the table working on something more then 15 mins. It always felt like, nice I got a shoulder pad done! Since the Scouts did well I figured they should be painted up so I grabbed them. Not a ton done as I'm working on all 5 at the same time. I got most of the base colors on though.
I usually go with a lighter leather color and leave it very patch for the base coat. When I go back and start layering it with darker browns I want it to look worn and used. Starting with the blotchy base it gives it more of a rough feel, to me at least haha..
I don't want them to have too much red on them as they suppose to be sneaking around and RED typically doesn't lend to the idea that they are stealthy unless you are running around on Baal I suppose. So I think the red will be limited to thier shoulder pads and the chest Aquila. They will be suitably darkened to not stand out too much.
The cloth and cloaks are going to be grey to match the basing scheme for the army. Since they are sneaking around in ruins that blends. I'll be throwing in some camo on the cloaks and probably the face and hair.
Some of the colors aren't in place like the wiring and what not. I'd like a standout color but I don't think a sniper would go that route haha.. so it will be something darker but I might throw in a little something. That's just some small details that can be added in the future 8)

It was nice to get some minis going like it's a project .. not the here and there I've been doing lately. Hopefully I can get in a little more time this week. Hope everyone is having a good start to 2013!


  1. Looking good, man! I definitely like how those cloaks turned out. Awesome!

  2. Thanks they are coming along 8). I'll have to hit them up with some more layers but nice to put brush to model again.