Monday, January 21, 2013

Behold the pale horse The man who sat on him was Death... Wing

Saturday night I went to the local gaming/comic store to get a game in with my friend Josh. He's been wanting to get in a 6th game to get ready for the Tourney we'll be running there. It was going to be a late game so I put my daughter to sleep gathered up my minis and headed for the shop.

I wanted to test out some of the DA units, sadly the items I ordered (Nephilim, DW Command and Attack Bike) with Christmas money haven't arrived yet. So I went with an Angels of Death list using Dark and Blood Angels. I really wanted to see how the Deathwing would stand up to some serious beating. Josh would be playing Orks or Daemons so it would be a bit different army but I wasn't worried about it, I wanted to see how the DW would do but it was a fun chill game. He ended up playing his Orks so I'd get to test crazy shooting and horde style numbers.

I made a pretty heavy DW Deathstar unit and using Beliel's DS ability I planned to drop right into his midst. He ran 2 squads of 15 Lootas, they were behind a Aegis but he had left enough room for me to land behind them and to the right. Dropped in and unleashed a hail of fire using the TL DW DS rule and took out about 10 from one squad. I got to test them versus some high strength shooting, the lootas fired on the Termies and got about 10 or so wounds. Thankfully no 1s were rolled so the DW just shrugged it off. The next turn I split fire on both squads then multi assaulted them. I destroyed the squad I already wounded and the other squad broke and ran off the table. As the game went on they went up against a sizeable squad of Boyz, I castled around an objective with them and pretty much just stood there going face to face with guns blazing. I wasn't going to assault him, he'd have to come to me, I wasn't going to give up the objective. They took an enormous amount of fire but I only lost one Termie in the entire game. I had them kitted up with an Apoth so Termie with FnP. They were rock solid, I rolled a good bit of 1s but thankfully it was only on shooting. 2s were numerous but that was all I needed haha..

Other game notes, I'm glad I gave the Tactical squads Rhinos as I went roaring off and had all 4 of the objectives at the end of the game and if it would have ended in the 5 or even the 6 turn I would have had them but in the 7th turn he blasted the BA Assault Squad with Libr and SP taking them to the last troop. They broke and ran off the Obj. I ended up winning 11 to 2 but it was a pretty close fun game. Sadly I lost my Baal Pred and Storm Raven to the crazy stick missile launchers the Orks had haha.. They were ruthless in the game. I wanted to see if the Pred would last a little time but damn it was dead in the top of the 1st. The Raven did it's job and took out one of his battle wagons but then was vector locked and later shot down by his flyer. All the craters in the mid ground slowed him up for most of the game haha.. he rolled a lot of 4s and a couple of 2s for movement so he got slowed a good but bit which was fine by me.

The Flaks in the Tact squads only got to shoot at the flyer once and only put one glance on it as it flew by. It was a fun and crazy game. But it wouldn't end, we rolled and it kept on going. As it was closing in on midnight we both wanted it to end but no. haha.. either way it ended and we cleaned up. His Orks went for revenge and he knocked my BA's off the table (by accident) snapping off the JP Wings.... NOOOOOoooooo thankfully that was it and they are glued back up. Next time I will be keeping them away from Josh 8)

The Deathwing performed awesomely but damn they are expensive. If you are rolling decently they will stay in the fight though and most likely crush whatever they come up on. It was a fun list but next time I'll be playing full DA as my goodies should be here by tomorrow. Last night I started painting a DW Termie and a Tact. If I paint them table quality I should be able to knock them out decently quick.. well Tacts at least. Painting Bone/White always takes time haha

DW Deathstar Was

DW Command
w/ Champion, Apoth and Chainfist
DW Squad w/ Assault Cannon

That's a lot of points haha..

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