Friday, January 16, 2015

Armored for the cleanse..

 I only painted for about an hour last night so I just worked on the BA Termies a little bit. I got most of the base coloring done and worked on the beginnings of the blends. I have a ton of Termies that I'd like to get done. Maybe I'll try a mostly Termie army though sadly Sang Priests can no longer take Termie Armor.
 With most of the base colors down I can start working on some of the details. I added a little blend to the purple but didn't go very far. I also added some black wash to the recesses.
 When they are done by hand I'll probably go back in with the air brush and try some power weapon glow effects. I don't usually do that a ton but I think it will look good on the Terminators.
 The Lightning Claw guy has a pretty bad ass pose. He looks like he means serious bidness. Even if I don't run man lists with them my Space Hulk game pieces will at least look cool haha..
 And who doesn't love the Assault Canon? Makes you feel like you playing Blain from Preditor. Just like him these guys also don't have time to bleed. haha.
I'll be added some wreckage to the bases when the texture is dry to make it still have a bit of the Space Hulk feel. Not a lot but figured it would be a break from all the Eldar Tankness 8)