Thursday, January 8, 2015

Gravity aint got not'n on me..

 Last night was full of more masking and blending. My wife is sick so after I put the kids down to bed I had the rest of the night to work on it. I blended the rest of the black/grays .. which came out looking pretty good I think. Sadly I miss-taped the larger side panel and had to re tape and spray it again to go edge to edge. I'll most likely be applying some kind of symbol in that area, I'm thinking a black symbol will give it a ghosted look that should look cool.
 I also added in the color highlights and while I think the blends came out looking smooth I'm not sure if I like the color. I'm not sure if it really goes with it. I'm thinking I might go with a white to teal blend. I did that on the one section next to the cockpit.. it was quick and at the end to see how it would look. What's your opinion?
 The areas that look like vent sections will have the tin bitz coloring, I'll have to mask them up and get to blending them. It's moving along ..
 Here are some more of the pics of more masking .. whoot. So much tape. I'll be happy to have the main sections done and I can get into some of the details which will require no taping 8)
But come to think of it I want to paint the bottom of the tank as well. Bah.. more tape.