Monday, January 12, 2015

A mixture of assortedness ..

 When I was working with some of the reds I also sprayed some of the Space Hulk Terminators. I've been wanting to get these guys painted but never seem to get to them so I'd like to get these guys done sometime soon haha.. I also got the Termies from the Deathstorm and I'd like to pick up a pack of the new BA Termies..  the only thing is I hardly ever run them. I like the idea of them but I can't seem to get them into my lists hah..  I for some reason picked up Dark Angels to run Termies.. so now I'm thinking about getting rid of my DA since I can just run some BA Termies..
I also sprayed the Wraithblade's axes and head when I was spraying some blue on the tanks. I've been on the airbrush mostly so I really want to sit down and get out the brush. So I think that will be working on here in the next few days..  I just want to get brush work in 8)