Monday, January 5, 2015

Hit's like a hammer..

This weekend I got a good bit of work done on the Scorpion and Wave Serpent. I'm pretty happy with the look of the blue fades and I think it has the look I was going for though sadly there is also some misfortune. The fades took me the least amount of time to do then most of the other work on these guys so far haha..
 I used about six different blues and may mixtures of those. The more variantions you mix the smoother the transitions will be, I guess that is a well of course but when I use to blend I'd just work two colors back and forth. While it will work adding in the different shades will really make that difference.
 The long parts of these so far have been the sanding on the Serpent and making the Warp Hunter tail section fit on the back of the Serpent. There was a pretty large ridge that I couldn't accept so I used Mr Surfacer and Greenstuff. Then I sanded and sanded to get it smooth. I honestly put about three hours into the sanding of it. Using my Dremel and numerous files and sand paper grits. But in the end it came out pretty smooth and while I think it could be a little smoother I'm good with it.

 The next time consuming part was the masking of the tanks. That funny enough also took about three hours to complete but for both tanks. I should have masked off all of the areas because this is the sad part. As I was blending the blue I was doing some high passes for the final blends and I got some over spray on a few areas. That stinks but might be able to wipe if off since I cleared it a few time before I masked it.
 The Scorpions main body wasn't that bad to tape but the turret had a ton of little bits and that was time consuming. Once I get the other color details done on the top I'm going to mask the bottom and spray some of the sections on the bottom of the tank as well..
 I also have to do the smaller bits so I'll be taping them up soon.. besides tape I use silly putty for the round and weird sections.

 I do enjoy the spraying on these but man is the masking a total total pain haha.. It is hours and hours of pulling the tape and snipping it with siccors OVER AND OVER! .. but you can't argue with the results. It makes the blends work so much better when they are crisp. When I'm working on the blends I'll sometimes question the look .. the tape will throw it off in my mind but then when you remove the tape it is like a present being unwrapped (to go with a Christmas Reference haha) just makes it pop. I might just be a little crazy though .. haha..

Sadly the other unfortunate thing is that when I removed the tape from the Wave Serpent I pulled some of the black/grey blended area. When I worked on the Greenstuff for the back section I used Vaseline to smooth it out and I think I must have gotten on my thumb and as I moved it around I must have gotten on the body of the serpent. Either way I'm going to have to mask again .. bah ..  oh well ..