Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It seems that I love me some tape..

 But I DONT! .. ok well maybe a little .. at least when I'm starting the process and by the end of it I loath it. If I would have full taped the tanks I wouldn't have had to do this step but hey .. who doesn't want to tape yo tank some mo.. This is to fix the peeled black sections and some of the over spray I had (from not fully taping it haha). The little bits were new to the taping process.. I'll be going back in with blues for the small bits then I'll be taping some of the highlight colors I want to do.
 For my Wave Serpents I usually highlight with bone so that will probably continue on as it goes pretty well with the color scheme.I'll so be adding some of the Bronze/Tin Bitz coloring I use for what I would think would be a good Eldary metallic look.
I'm in debate for the color accents for the Scorpion .. I usually seperate the tanks with color highlights. I think I'm going to try a yellow/golden color but if that doesn't look right I'll just go on to red. I use that for my Prisms but I think it might look good on the Super Heavy.

Tonight hopefully I'll get to spray the black fade and the main sections will be done.