Friday, January 9, 2015

None may challenge Serpentor!

 The Wave Serpent progressed a bit more, I got most of the blues sprayed .. though there are a few more areas on the back and bottom of the hull. I attached the scyths to the hull since they are mostly done and want to have less of the bits floating around. The tank isn't glued together yet as it's easier to spray sections separate and I still have more masking to do.. argh .. The Warp Hunter vanes aren't attached yet as I didn't have the time to spray them. But they will be bone as will the tips of the scyths.
 The main part of the turret sadly lacks attention. I sat it aside when after I glued it and there it sat until I looked to test the magnet fit and colors. Then .. poop .. where did I put that..  haha
 The back tail section came out looking pretty cool I think. It's pretty smooth and I had to fill in one section of the lines in it. There are still a few areas that could be a little smoother but I think it's very slight.
 The vents have the metallics sprayed on and I think it looks good but very low key which might be good once the rest it painted. I guess we'll see.
 And here a the bits in blue ..
 Magnet'd guns..  the front of the covers still need the bone color added as well.
Underslung hull bits..
When all is said and done the serpent should be a upgraded to look more like my Falcon..
Like I was saying I wanted to upgrade the Tanks for this year's Nova.. so my Serpents should match up..
So.. upgrading from this..