Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Touching up the under carriage ..

 I had some stuff go down on Monday night so haven't gotten to do too much. I had the bottom of the tanks taped so I blended the blue on them. On the normal table quality I paint I only hit up the bottoms a little but since I want these to be a bit more I figure they should get a little more love. I'll be adding some metallics and also some purple colors for energy over bleed. Sadly I had more paint on the Wave Serpent pop off so I'll have to touch it up .. again..  damn thing.
 As I was taping this I was thinking about what Greg said and almost pulled out the video camera. I thoughts it would be funny just to watch the sped up version of me taping the crap out of the tank. I didn't but I thought about it. Down the road I'm going to paint up a few Vypers so when I do I'll break out the VC.
The look is so much different with the tape on and then with it removed...
I was sitting down a lot yesterday so I started trying to de sprue the Deathstorm box I picked up and I noticed that I rocked through the BA bits .. the Nid bits were taking me awhile and had me thinking. It's funny how much faster you can clean a sprue you know rather then a new one.. I had to look at the pieces to figure out exactly what I was cutting so I didn't chop something off that I needed. I got through the stealers and then ran out of juice. I was thinking I'll probably end up trading them away .. I wouldn't mind to paint something different up but honestly I have so much crap atm I would never get to them haha,..