Friday, January 2, 2015

Presentation is the key..

 I finished up the Tiered Paint Rack design and made the different cuts for the different sized bottles. As I mostly use Golden and Vallejo paints now  I made a mixed shelf for both. Greg has been throwing me ideas as I've been making these designs and he was crying .. um.. I mean mentioning the lack of ability to hold the clippers or larger tools. So to stop his cries I meant listening to his wonderful recommendations 8)..
 I wanted to keep the rack pretty compact so figured a good way would be to add a small shelf with two trays that would sit underneath the paint rack. That way you don't need the bottom tray if you don't want it and/or it can be added later if you would then need it. The paint rack just slides into bottom section.
 It's two drawers that can holds your clippers or tools that don't fit in the back which is for brushes, files.. or things of a long thin shape... urm .. only hobby related things in that shape. But ..  anyway.. I had a piece of foam paper that I cut to use a a liner which worked very well. I'll have to head back to Michaels for another .. they are only 60 cents a sheet or something ..  you don't need it but MDF is a little slickery so this keeps some of those tools in place.

I'm really happy with the outcome and this one is pretty much done. I made some mods to the larger modular racks but I haven't had a chance to cut them to see if they work the way I want. That rack is more of a storage rack that holds all your over flow. This is designed to be more of a main paint/tool rack. I already have a few friends that have seen it and so far everyone seems to like it.

Below are just the rack and a the larger cut holes..