Thursday, January 15, 2015

Grinding on..

 Sorry if you are getting bored of the tank updates but it's a good bit of stuff to do on just ones of these let alone both. But they are getting closer .. I changed the red/orange blend to a teal/white blend on some of the highlight panels on the Scorpion so those areas are finished up. I think the Teal blend goes more with the color schemes though it kind of blends in a bit more then I wanted.. oh well. I also started some of the purple engine/energy coloring. It's pretty basic at the moment but I'll be going in to blend them with some darker and lighter colors.
 The end sections have the most of the teal white blend so you can really see them. You can also see some of the purple areas that have started.
 And here are the start of the engine sections. Like I was saying they are pretty basic at the moment. I'll be going in with a darker purple on some of the areas and a mix of light purple/magenta to add the edge of the burn areas. I did the same on the Wave Serpents Engines but didn't take any pictures of them.
 I also worked on some of the smaller bits since that was pretty quick. I already had them taped so it was just spray. Though sadly the tape slipped on on of the gun guards so I'll have to redo the blue on that one. All good though, I need to do the blue sections on the antenna thing and I'm going to make some kind of design on the vanes.
 I blended up the turret so that section is done
And here are the other gun guards. It's getting close to the whites lines. I'm actually going to try a look of some of the mid teal mix I made first then the white over it so it looks more like a glow instead of a white painted section. I may test it on another Falcon Shell first to see how it looks. I don't want to screw up a blend and then have to re tape an entire section. ha..  I like how they are coming out and I'm look forward to getting these done!